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Educational Placements At I L S Languages we are committed to provide all the necessary elements to create an effective and enjoyable learning experience. You will find us friendly and the school is not too big to stop us from getting to know you personally. We select our teachers carefully; they are all qualified and experienced in teaching English but we make sure they are really interested in people and easy to talk to. This helps us to create a convivial and supportive atmosphere. Outside the classroom, we do our best to make life as easy and comfortable as possible. Your accommodation will normally be within easy access to the institute. Bromley is a lively, commercial centre in the green and prosperous area on the outskirts ofLondon. Superb travel connections toCentral London make Bromley a very desirable place for Londoners to live. We believe that all these elements combine to make our institute an ideal place to study English, England and the English. Teaching Our teaching methods are based on the idea that the student should practice the language actively up to the limit of their competence. Our programmes aim to give a balance between the introduction of new language and the activation of language you already “know”. In this way, your confidence grows and you should remember well the new material. You can probable understand a lot more than you express yourself and our aim is to help you to reduce that gap. The courses are normally one to one private tuition the course content is based on modern course books, CD’s & computer mp3 programs supported by a rich variety of material produced by the school. Within this structure our teachers are free to adapt the contents to suit the needs of the group. Our teachers are fully qualified to TEFL or above standards and fully experienced with large groups and individuals of different nationalities. You will have an assessmentwhen you start the course to establish the correct level of English language so the teacher can start from that level. At the end of your course, you will receive a certificate of English showing the level you have achieved. You also can study for The First Cambridge Certificate, Proficiency and Advanced Proficiency over a 1 year schools attendance (minimum 6 hours a week) We look forwards to welcome you, see you soon. Contact Names UK          The Course Director